I have always taught Kelsey the value of hard work, buying and selling.  She understands that nothing in this world is free and that you have to earn everything you get.

Well, we bought some .50 Caliber ammo cans for resale.  Yep, these are those green metal boxes you see at the army/navy surplus stores.

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The seller said that he had 2000 ammo cans for sale.  When we investigated and reviewed the price, we negotiated a more attractive price and then bought the entire lot of cans.  The cans are stored in a warehouse that we will call the “secret warehouse.”  When we got to the secret warehouse and opened the doors this is what we found.  Stacks and stacks of ammo cans going from the floor to the ceiling.

Here Kelsey is helping Joe remove a stubborn logging chain that got wedged between the boards on the 18 foot trailer.  Joe Briggs, Kelley Green, Kelsey and myself all converged on the warehouse to load some of the cans so we could take them back to Dallas and start reselling them.

Kelly backed his truck up to the warehouse and we began to fill the truck with ammo cans.  Kelsey was just the right size to stand in the back of the truck and stack the cans.  She was able stand on the cans and stack them nice and neat in the back of the truck and trailer.  Her stacking the cans was a huge help as it was difficult for the rest of us to jump up in the back of the truck or on the trailer as we were busy running lots of cans from the stacks to the truck and trailer.

Joe and Kelsey discussing how to stack the last row of cans in the truck.  More like Joe actually giving Kelsey a hard time.

Pictured here is Kelly Green, the seller and Kelsey counting cans that have been stacked in the back of Kelly’s truck.

We filled the 18 foot trailer from front to back two rows deep.

The decision was made to leave off one row of cans on the rear so we could install a board to keep the cans from moving.  We also tried down the top row of cans so that they would not fly off the trailer as we carried them down the highway.

After loading Kelly’s truck and the 18 foot trailer with cans here is a photo of what still must be moved.  In actuality we only were able to load up about 1/4 of the total cans  Anyone want to help?

As always – everywhere she goes, Kelsey makes friends…. This trip was no different, here Kelsey spends time with a dog that walked up on us while we were loading the trailer and truck.

Maybe after we get all the ammo cans, we might go back and buy these WWII, Korea and Vietnam steel pot helmets and liners?


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