Weekend of 10-15-2011

Many of you all know that Kobie while in high school made and sold dog tags to make extra money.

Kelsey stepped in to take over where Kobie left off when Kobie went into the military.

When Kobie left for the military he left Kelsey the dog tag business.

Kelsey was happy to inherited her brothers business but always felt as if she needed her own personal Dog Tag Machine.

After searching for several months Kelsey found a machine for sale in Combine, TX.

Kelsey had saved her money and now she was ready to buy a machine of her own.   So this weekend we went to meet with the seller to see if Kelsey could buy a machine.

Realizing that the seller was asking more than Kelsey had to spend, her and I talked about the art of negotiation.   Then over the past few weeks we spent time practicing her negotiation skills.   I felt that we would go anyway and see if Kelsey could negotiate with the seller and buy the machine.

Below is what happened….

We got there and Kelsey started to inspect the machine to verify it was complete.   She questioned the seller if it was in working order and asked to see the machine run.   Above Kelsey is turning on the power to see if the machine will run.

After verifying the machine was running and complete the negotiations began.   The seller started the negotiation by asking $250.00 for the machine.   This was already $50.00 off the listed selling price.

Kelsey and I had talked about the machine and how to negotiate on the price.

In her money bag Kelsey had her every last dime, for a total of  $147.00.   This money Kelsey had she earned and saved specifically to buy the machine with.

The seller and Kelsey went back and forth on price with Kelsey starting out at $70.00

There were moments where Kelsey had to stop and think about the whole negotiation process as it was happening.   She did stumble a bit here and there but seemed to bounce back pretty well.

The seller discussed with Kelsey what Kelsey would do with the machine.   They talked about the value of the machine and what the machine would mean to Kelsey.

Finally Kelsey and the seller settled on a price of $101.00 for the machine.   Kelsey pulled out her money and paid the seller by counting out the exact amount.   Counting out the money took a while as most of Kelsey’s money was in the form of one dollar bills.

The deal is done, Kelsey now owns her own personal machine!

Or so I thought……

Kelsey surprised me when she closed the deal by asking the seller, “are we square?”.   The seller laughed and said “YES, WE are square.”

Then they sealed the deal with a hand shake.

I was so proud of Kelsey…  I had told her about the concept of “being square”,  and we had talked about it but I had no idea she would remember.

Above is Kelsey with her new machine, loaded on the trailer ready to be moved into the building.   She was so happy with her new purchase and the fact that she had talked the seller down to $101.00 on the price.   When we loaded the machine on the trailer, Kelsey kept testing the hold down straps to make sure they were tight.

As we carried the machine back to the building, Kelsey sat the whole time sideways in the truck so she could watch her machine.   Twice Kelsey made me pull over into a parking lot so that she could get out and check the straps to make sure none of them were lose.   Every time we hit a bump or there was a shift in the roadway Kelsey would start saying slow down your going to drop my machine.

When done, Kelsey told me that she now felt like she could really do dog tags because she had her own personal machine.   Kelsey told me “Bubba’s machines are fine, but this one is mine!”

I am very proud of her, she talked the seller down by over $150.00 and she bought the machine all on her own.

We hope that soon www.msdogtag.com will be selling dog tags and making extra money.

– Dad