“All Squared UP” – Kelsey buys her own dog tag machine.

Posted by Lindsay Hodgdon on Saturday Apr 23, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Kelsey bought her first dog tag machine today.  A mutual friend searching Craigslist came upon a Graphotype machine for sale in Garland, Texas.  Knowing that Kelsey’s brother Kobie sold dog tags they told Kelsey about this machine, thinking she might want to buy one for herself.

We called on the machine and the seller still had it for sale so we drove over to have a look see.

Kelsey met Mr. Voigt and he showed her the machine, they tested the machine to see if it worked and Kelsey made the decision that she wanted to buy the machine.

Kelsey negotiated the price back and forth with Mr. Voigt with each of them making at least two to three offers and counter offers.  Kelsey and Mr. Voigt finally settled on a price, then it was back up to the front office where Kelsey received her bill of sale.

After loading the machine in the back of the pickup truck, Kelsey asked Mr. Voigt if they were “Square?”  Mr. Voigt said indeed they were and we were off to take the new machine home.

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